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Our Mission 


We are focused on ensuring your business is successful. We aid in filing, informational classes, website building and much more, whether you want to create a restaurant, a non-profit organization or any other type of business.

Self - Paced Learning

We offer self-paced learning allowing members access info on their own time and schedule. You are not required to complete the same assignments or learn at the same time as others. Members can proceed from one topic or segment to the next at their own leisure.

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Enroll today to start reaping the benefits of becoming a member of a great community of business owners.  Unlock the door to a well of knowledge that will clear the doubt of business operations and taxes.

Professional Mentors


About Nubicorp

Joining our membership database gets you access to a team ready to help you with the ins and outs of owning business as well as having the team work towards loans and grants on behalf of your company.

As a non-profit, we will not take ANY portion of your loans and grants that we get for you.

NubiCorp is a non-profit - 501(c3) - organization that helps minorities to establish their own businesses. We offer services such as filing your paperwork with the state, website design, marketing and more. Our organization is partnered with over 200 businesses designed to ensure you can set up everything.

Our goal at NubiCorp is to make sure you have the resources needed to create a successful business. 

Our Academics

 Explore topics in incorporation, 501c3, annual reports, business licenses, compliance, and much more.


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“NubiCorp has helped my business so much. They helped me file for my EIN and got me the EIDL loan during the pandemic.”

- L.O.